Dentistry services available in the West Portal, CA area

Dentistry services available in the West Portal

Visiting a practice on West Portal Ave in San Francisco CA that offers a wide range of dental services for the entire family is convenient. A dental team that offers many services reduces the risk of being referred out to other dental professionals. Drs. Terri Nguyen and Laura Huynh of West Portal Family Dentistry can help with preventative, general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry solutions for all ages!


Preventative care is the prime focus of dentistry. By maintaining proper oral health habits, patients can greatly reduce their risk of developing problems. Patient brush and floss after every meal and schedule regular appointments with their dental team for cleanings and examinations.

General Care

General dentistry focuses on common dental care solutions. This includes in-office cleanings, examinations, which may include x-rays and fillings for areas of decay. It may also include sealants and fluoride applications for children and adults to strengthen their teeth to reduce the risk of dental caries.


Cosmetic treatments are recommended for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their smiles. These treatments are affordable for most families and include services such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and composite resin bonding.


Repairing the smile is often done to improve not only health and function but also the beauty of the smile. Tooth replacement may be suggested, as well as fixing areas of decay or damage. Restorative treatments may include dentures, dental bridges, dental implants, root canal therapy, fillings, or composite resin bonding. Treatments may be combined for full mouth rehabilitation.

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Contact the team of West Portal Family Dentistry today to discuss the possibilities for your smile! Drs. Terri Nguyen and Laura Huynh can be reached at (415) 604-9292 or by making a personal visit to our conveniently located practice at 26 West Portal Avenue, Suite #4.

Dr. Nguyen has over 20 years of expertise in the field of dental practice

A graduate from UC San Francisco with a Doctor of Dental Science degree, Dr. Nguyen has over 20 years of expertise in the field of dental practice. She is known for her caring and passionate nature towards her patients whilst having a wealth of knowledge and technical skill.

Dr. Nguyen continues to update herself with newer and tested treatment methods and technology to ensure that she is capable of delivering the best possible service to her clients. Her areas of specialty include root canal therapy, implant dentistry and cosmetic treatment. She is also a prestigious member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.