Improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco, CA area dental practice

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry San Francisco area

At West Portal Family Dentistry, we are excited to offer a wide range of dental solutions for our patients to consider when it comes to enhancing the smile. Men, women, and children are all invited to visit our office in San Francisco, CA to discuss their aesthetic needs. Whether you want to disguise imperfections or improve the brightness of your smile, we can assist! Improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry today at our local dental practice with a wide range of affordable services:

  • Dental crowns – also known as “caps,” dental crowns can be made to cover a tooth and offer an extra layer of protection. These porcelain restorations are made to match the patient’s smile and ensure seamless integration. Dental crowns are custom-made for an individual based on size, shape, and color. Dental crowns may also be made to act as a false tooth when placed over the abutment of a dental implant.
  • Dental bridges – replacing missing teeth may also be achieved with the use of dental bridges. Bridges are best for patients who have one or more teeth in a row that are missing and want to restore their smile with a more permanent option. Dental bridges include pontics and crowns fused together. The crowns cover the adjacent teeth and allow the false teeth to stay in line with the dental arch, resting right above the gum line. Patients do need to pay close attention to their bridges when brushing and flossing to ensure that food particles are not stuck underneath. With proper care and attention, most patients enjoy their dental bridges for a decade or longer!
  • Dental implants – for patients who want a standalone restoration for missing teeth, dental implants may be the right choice! Implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed into the bone of the jaw. They are then restored over the top with crowns, bridges, or dentures depending on the patient’s unique situation. Dental implants can last a lifetime when patients care for them properly, making them a smart investment for many of our adult patients.
  • Dentures – full and partial dentures can be used to replace missing teeth. Partials and full dentures are removable, which makes them simple to clean and care for. Partials are made of metal and acrylic framework and snap into place using the existing teeth as stabilizers and supports. Full dentures can be held in place by natural suction or dental adhesives. Unfortunately, some patients have trouble keeping their full dentures in place with this method and may opt for implant-retained dentures. This improves stability as the foundation of bone holds the dentures in place.
  • Porcelain veneers – covering imperfections on the front of the smile can be achieved with porcelain veneers. These thin, ceramic facings are bonded onto the front of the anterior teeth to change the entire appearance. Veneers are custom-made for the patient to cover broken, chipped, stained, or gapped teeth.
  • Dental bonding – an alternative to porcelain veneers is composite resin bonding, or “dental bonding.” Composite resin is a material that acts like clay and can be used in the same way as veneers. This material is shaped in place and hardened with a curing light. Then the dentist will file and polish the material, so it replicates the appearance of natural tooth enamel. This is a faster alternative to veneers, though this material is not stain-resistance and will only last a few years before requiring replacement.
  • Professional teeth whitening – patients who are seeking a brighter smile may want to ask about our professional teeth whitening services. Our professionals monitor the process to ensure better results than those obtained with over-the-counter drugstore alternatives. Though these services are more expensive, they provide faster improvements with fewer touchups required, and the results will last much longer than those achieved with over-the-counter products.

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West Portal Family Dentistry offers cosmetic dental services for new and existing patients

Men and women in the area of San Francisco, CA who are ready to transform their smiles are invited to schedule a consultation appointment with Drs. Terri Nguyen and Laura Huynh of West Portal Family Dentistry. Call (415) 604-9292 today to request a visit and speak to our team about cosmetic dentistry solutions. We are conveniently located at 26 West Portal Avenue, Suite #4.


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Dr. Nguyen has over 20 years of expertise in the field of dental practice

A graduate from UC San Francisco with a Doctor of Dental Science degree, Dr. Nguyen has over 20 years of expertise in the field of dental practice. She is known for her caring and passionate nature towards her patients whilst having a wealth of knowledge and technical skill.

Dr. Nguyen continues to update herself with newer and tested treatment methods and technology to ensure that she is capable of delivering the best possible service to her clients. Her areas of specialty include root canal therapy, implant dentistry and cosmetic treatment. She is also a prestigious member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.