How to keep your smile sparkling after teeth whitening services in San Francisco

Teeth Whitening Services in San Francisco Area

A bright and happy smile does more than improve your appearance, it also helps improve your confidence. At West Portal Family Dentistry in San Francisco, Dr. Terri Nguyen and her team offer professional teeth whitening services with KoR bleaching treatment to help their patients remove years of stains or yellowing teeth. With custom trays and professional guidance of an experienced dental team, the KoR treatment offers far deeper cleaning and better results than drug store offerings.

If you’ve just had teeth whitening services performed, it’s important to protect your investment and prevent your teeth from staining or darkening again. Dr. Nguyen offers the following tips:

  • Avoid dark beverages: Coffee, tea, and red wine are all common culprits and can damage the appearance of your teeth. If you can’t give up your morning coffee or late night glass of wine, consider using a straw so that the liquid doesn’t come into contact with the front of your teeth. Additionally, foods like red pasta sauce, beets, and dark chocolate can have a similar impact on your teeth.
  • Brush after eating or drinking dark foods or beverages: It’s hard to completely avoid the foods and beverages that will stain your teeth. If you do enjoy them from time to time, try to brush your teeth immediately after so that you can remove the food particles from your teeth before they have time to stain. If you can’t brush your teeth, rinse with water.
  • Curb smoking or tobacco use: There are many health reasons to give up smoking or chewing tobacco. However, kicking the habit will also prevent further damage to the enamel of your teeth.
  • Ensure good oral health habits: Dark foods and beverages and tobacco are the most common preventers of a sparkling smile, but good oral health care is important too. Thorough brushing and flossing before you go to bed each night will remove food particles from the enamel and between the teeth. Ask your dentist if a whitening toothpaste should be used and, if so, how often.

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Keeping your smile happy doesn’t have to take a lot of work. These simple habits can prevent yellowing or staining and ensure you have the confidence to smile brightly. For more information or to schedule a professional teeth whitening session, call West Portal Family Dentistry at (415) 604-9292 today.

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Dr. Nguyen has over 20 years of expertise in the field of dental practice

A graduate from UC San Francisco with a Doctor of Dental Science degree, Dr. Nguyen has over 20 years of expertise in the field of dental practice. She is known for her caring and passionate nature towards her patients whilst having a wealth of knowledge and technical skill.

Dr. Nguyen continues to update herself with newer and tested treatment methods and technology to ensure that she is capable of delivering the best possible service to her clients. Her areas of specialty include root canal therapy, implant dentistry and cosmetic treatment. She is also a prestigious member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry.