San Francisco, CA patients in need of dentures can visit our dental team for assistance

Dentures in San Francisco area

When patients in San Francisco, CA think of dentures, the word often brings to mind their grandparent’s false teeth. However, dentures have come a long way over the years, and are now a popular, beautiful, and affordable option for replacing one or more teeth. West Portal Family Dentistry is here to help with a wide range of tooth replacement solutions.   What are dentures? There are various types of dentures that may be used to replace missing teeth and restore function and beauty to the smile. Partial denture – a partial denture is made to replace one or several teeth … Continue reading

San Francisco, CA cosmetic dentist offers wide selection of aesthetic services

Cosmetic Dentist in San Francisco area

A beautiful smile is worth more than money. However, patients think that cosmetic dentistry may be outside their budget. Luckily, the team at West Portal Family Dentistry, in San Francisco, CA has made cosmetic work affordable and effective at enhancing the smile. If you are considering aesthetic treatments to improve your smile and address unwanted imperfections, our team welcomes you to call us for an evaluation and consultation.   Aesthetic services offered Drs. Nguyen and Huynh have a wide selection of services available for patients seeking cosmetic work. Below is a sample of what we offer in our facility: Professional … Continue reading

Porcelain veneers are a great treatment for San Francisco, CA smiles!

Porcelain Veneers Treatment in San Francisco area

A beautiful smile may not come naturally for everyone. Some patients may struggle with problems such as misalignment of the dental arch, gaps between teeth, staining, or breakage. Any of these imperfections can negatively impact the appearance of the smile and make patients feel self-conscious about the way they look. If you have blemishes such as this near the front of your smile, we welcome you to call the team at West Portal Family Dentistry in San Francisco, CA to learn more about porcelain veneers!   How can veneers change the smile? Porcelain veneers are best explained as custom-made facings … Continue reading

San Francisco area dentist offers teeth whitening instructions for patients

Teeth Whitening Instructions in San Francisco area

The team of West Portal Family Dentistry is excited to offer affordable and attainable cosmetic dentistry solutions for patients of San Francisco, CA and beyond. This includes professional teeth whitening, which can dramatically improve the appearance of the smile. Drs. Terri Nguyen and Laura Huynh can provide instructions on the best way to get a brilliant, beautiful smile quickly and easily with the assistance of a quality dental team.   Laser teeth whitening Our practice offers a two-part approach to brightening the smile using our trusted KöR deep bleaching treatment. This laser treatment is performed right in the office with … Continue reading

Find a dentist for kids in San Francisco, CA

Dentist for Kids in San Francisco CA

As adults, we understand that it is vital that we visit the dentist every six months for a dental cleaning and a thorough dental examination. However, some parents are unsure of how often their child needs to visit the dentist as well. If you are seeking a dentist for kids in the area of San Francisco, CA, the team at West Portal Family Dentistry welcomes you! We offer treatments not only for adults but for children as well!   When should my child see a dentist? In most cases, we like to start seeing children visit our practice around the … Continue reading

San Francisco, CA dentist offers convenient appointments with Saturday hours

Dentist With Saturday Hours in San Francisco area

Obtaining a healthy smile requires patients to pay close attention to their oral hygiene each day. Patients should brush after every meal and floss at least once a day. In addition, they should be proactive about visiting their San Francisco, CA dentist for routine cleanings and evaluations. However, some patients are unable to leave work or school to get the necessary dental work completed. This is when patients in the community may be seeking a dentist with Saturday hours. At West Portal Family Dentistry, we are pleased to offer Saturday hours for patients with busy weekday schedules!   How can … Continue reading

Improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry in San Francisco, CA area dental practice

Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry San Francisco area

At West Portal Family Dentistry, we are excited to offer a wide range of dental solutions for our patients to consider when it comes to enhancing the smile. Men, women, and children are all invited to visit our office in San Francisco, CA to discuss their aesthetic needs. Whether you want to disguise imperfections or improve the brightness of your smile, we can assist! Improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry today at our local dental practice with a wide range of affordable services: Dental crowns – also known as “caps,” dental crowns can be made to cover a tooth and … Continue reading

San Francisco, CA area dentist offers professional teeth whitening that can give you a new smile!

Teeth Whitening Can Give You a New Smile in San Francisco area

At West Portal Family Dentistry in San Francisco, CA, patients in the community can ask our dentists, Drs. Terri Nguyen and Laura Huynh, about the benefits of using professional teeth whitening. If you are looking for a solution that can give you a brand-new smile, we highly encourage you to consider the advantages of our cosmetic treatments.   What is professional teeth whitening? While spending time in your local drugstore, you may have noticed that there is an entire aisle of oral care products that can help you in improving your smile. Additionally, you may have spotted some whitening products … Continue reading

Dentist in San Francisco, CA benefits full mouth dental cleaning

Female patient sitting on the dentist chair

Drs. Terri Nguyen and Laura Huynh are professional dentists in the San Francisco, CA area helping patients in the community achieve optimum oral health and wellness. This includes full mouth dental cleanings for healthy teeth free from plaque and tartar. There are many benefits to working with a dedicated team that provides a wide selection of services, including general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care.   What is a full mouth cleaning? While patients can keep their smile healthy by brushing and flossing after every meal, not everyone can fully clean all areas of their mouth. Even the most diligent of … Continue reading

San Francisco, CA area dentist offers dental bonding services for restoring smiles

Young beautiful woman smiling on white background

At West Portal Family Dentistry, patients in and around the San Francisco, CA area are encouraged to work with Drs. Terri M. Nguyen and Laura T. Huynh to learn about cosmetic services that are offered to achieve improved aesthetics. The smile may naturally have imperfections, and this is why our dentists offer solutions such as dental bonding services.   Understanding dental bonding Dental bonding is a treatment that is performed to improve the appearance of teeth. It is done during a single appointment, making it highly desirable when compared to porcelain veneers, which are not only more time consuming but … Continue reading